Tax Return Preparation

  • Personal tax returns

  • General and Limited PartnershipsLLC’s

  • S and C Corporations

  • Trusts and Estates

Small Business Tax Returns and Tax Planning

In addition to accurately and timely completion of your tax returns, we help you by asking the right questions.  Does your company have the appropriate tax structure?  Can this business support you for today and prepare you for the future?  We work with you throughout the year to monitor your company’s performance and address tax issues so that you can focus on your business.

Tax and Financial Planning Services

Whether you are planning for your retirement, your family’s education, or are simply in need of a reliable tax preparer, TAS has the expertise to help you reach your financial goals. From individual and business taxes to personal budgeting and investing, choosing the right adviser can make all the difference.

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Managing a business requires constant assessment of your financial performance. We assist our clients by providing detailed, analytical financial reports that enable business owners to understand and address each component of their company. Each report reflects on a monthly or quarterly basis:

  • Key performance indicators

  • Current balance sheet

  • Book and taxable net income

  • Changes in cash position

  • Current vs. prior year income analysis

  • And any other information useful to managing your business


Our skilled staff accountants are ready to review your internal books and help keep you organized. We leverage current technology to quickly, easily and accurately enter your daily transactions to provide you with accurate and timely data. Our bookkeeping services include:

  • Transaction and related data entry

  • Monitoring accounts receivable and accounts payabl

  • Performing bank reconciliations

  • Analyzing outstanding checks/deposits

  • Recording monthly adjusting entries

  • Establishing processes and routines to ensure consistency

Back Office Services

Hiring an internal bookkeeper can be costly and inefficient. At TAS, our team is experienced, trained and ready to handle all of your back office needs. We can handle:

  • Entering all cash receipt and cash disbursement transactions

  • Recording and monitoring accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Communicating and enhancing your relationship with clients and vendors

  • Secure storage and maintenance of your books and records

  • Any and all other bookkeeping services you need

Business Planning for new Enterprises

Getting Started

Having a skilled, licensed CPA to provide you with guidance has an immeasurable benefit. TAS can offer you invaluable assistance with preparing your company for what lies ahead. For start-up companies, we can help you build your company from the ground up. For established businesses, TAS can help you plan for the future and expand your business to suit your vision.

  • Comprehensive business plans

  • Executive summary business plans

  • Financial forecasts

  • Assistance with financing applications

Financial Planning and Consulting

When initiating any venture, it is critical to establish clear, measurable and attainable goals. At TAS, we have the expertise to help you identify, monitor and attain these goals. Businesses need to be built to endure the test of time; we can help you structure your company to withstand perpetual changes in economic conditions.

Virtually all small business owners utilize their business income fo personal financial goals such as retirement and education planning. We can assist you with preparing for these daunting challenges by analyzing your income and spending needs and by creating a plan that meets your objectives.


Unexpected, life-altering changes can happen in a moment. Being prepared for such events can help sustain you, your family and your business as well as supplement your long-term financial plan. We can help you with creating:

  • Buy/Sell agreements that protect both the business and it’s shareholders

  • Life insurance agreements to help secure payment of outstanding long-term debts

  • “Key Person” life insurance to sustain your company’s operations

  • Disability insurance to boost the company’s cash flow in the event of a temporary loss of a key employee

  • Long-term care insurance to secure your retirement plan